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Road Spray / Tar / Oil

Asphalt, tar, oil, paint stripping, and coatings are common resurfacing materials used on our nation’s roads. When a vehicle is traveling on newly resurfaced roads, these contaminate materials “splash up” predominantly on the lower or “rocker panel” of a vehicle causing Roadspray.  Other times, vandals will pour paint over a car or use spray paint We can remove highway road paint splatter you know that yellow or white splatter that's sitting on the  underside of your  car.

Quick Tip:

If the paint on your car is water based and still wet you may be able to wash it off before it dries. Drive straight to a self service car wash  that has a pressure washer and try to blast it off. If you see that the paint is coloring the water then the paint is water based and it is safe to continue. If it doesn't then you are probably dealing with a solvent based paint -- trying to blast it off with water may only succeed in spreading it


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  • Interior Detailing (Upholstery Shampooing & Cleaning)
  • Exterior Detailing (Waxing, Compounding Scratch Removal)
  • Complete Detailing (Inside & Out)
  • Paint Overspray Removal
  • Water Spot Removal (Waterspots on Glass & Paint)
  • Odor Removal (Cigarette Smoke & Pet Odor)
  • Tar & Sap Removal
  • Boat Detailing (Boat Cleaning Maintenance Package)
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