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Vinyl Decal Removal 

  We can remove vinyl lettering-, stripes and decals  from personal or de-commissioned commercial vehicles .Keep It Klean Decal RemovalWe must see the vehicle prior  to giving an estimate email pictures  and the following information 

  • Size of the cargo box or trailer

  • Graphics to be removed from ( sides, Back, front, Roof, Other ) 

  • Approximate square feet of graphics to be removed.

  • Category of surface. ( smooth, riveted, corrugated, FRP, factory or professionally applied paint job)

  • Type of vinyl to be removed: ( Digital print, Cast / Calendared vinyl, Reflective, Wrap )

  • Condition of vinyl. Good condition / Faded / Peeling / Cracked / Sunburned / Other

    to or call to schedule an appointment   . Sorry No Phone Estimates.

    You may rely on the quote you receive from us.  We will not add anything to the project cost unless you add to the work which is required.


We use biodegradable chemicals and environmentally safe techniques to effectively remove decals from all types of surfaces

Note: When working with decals that have been in place for a significant length of time, there is the slight possibility that the paint around the decal will appear discolored or faded upon removal. Usually this only occurs in cases where the decal has been exposed to the sun for extreme periods of time. This significant sun exposure will result in a tan line effect on the surface, whereby the unexposed area under the decals will appear nice and shiny next to the faded, exposed surface.   

Note of  caution about emblems with extremely aggressive adhesive such as DOT stickers. These are known to pull up paint even when they are carefully removed.

We will clean up our mess, put everything back where it  was when we found it, and recover the residue and debris to the  degree that is required.

.We provide on-site service to save you time and allow you to be more productive in other areas of your business 

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Please note: Every effort is made to ensure accuracy with our prices and services however prices and service areas are subject to change without notice and may not be immediately reflected on the website. Please contact our office for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


 We look forward to doing business with you in the future, no matter how small or large your restoration needs maybe

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